Practice Policies


A referral to a specialist requires a letter from your doctor to entitle you to a Medicare rebate. Your referral letter also should include accurate and up to date current and past histories to ensure appropriate care is provided by the specialist.

Associated costs may be involved with any referral to a specialist, allied health provider, pathology provider or radiology provider, this should be discussed with that provider at the time of making your appointment.

  • You are required to make an appointment to see the doctor for referrals this including all review or ongoing referrals, radiology or pathology referrals
  • It is illegal to back- date referrals, this will not be done by any of the doctors at this practice. It is therefore necessary for you to obtain your referral prior to your specialist appointment.
  • A fee will be charged for all requests of replacement lost/ damaged or misplaced referrals. * These requests may take from 24 - 48 hrs to completed depending on the doctor.


  • Legal constraints makes requests for scripts over the phone scripts inappropriate, ALL renewal of scripts will require an appointment with your doctor.
  • Drug of dependence scripts : Our practice has a strict policy of not prescribing drugs of dependence to new patients.( including Endone, Oxycontin, Morphine,Codeine& Benzodiazepines).Our doctors prefer to use safer and better option.
  • If you require a medical certificate, please advise the doctor at the time of your consultation as it is illegal to provide a retrospective or post dated certificate.
  • A fee will be charged for all requests for replacement of lost scripts/medical certificates. * These requests may take from 24 - 48 hrs to completed depending on the doctor.


It is the policy of this practice that results are not given over the phone unless directed by the doctor, an appointment must be made with the doctor to discuss results.

We understand that you are busy: however it is important for you to know and understand the results of all your tests and if further follow up is required from these tests. This policy has not been put in place to inconvenience patients but to protect both the patient and the doctor. The doctor has a legal obligation when treating a patient to ensure that they have discussed results with the patient as well as addressing any concerns the patient may have regarding these results. Both the doctor and the patient should feel confident that they fully understand and are aware of any required treatments as well as any future follow up that may be required.

  • If the doctor has asked the nurse to contact you regarding results please note that due to medico legal reasons nurses at this practice are unable to give the patient any further information other than what the doctor has directed them to give you. If you require any further information than you will need to make an appointment to discuss this further with the doctor. Your understanding in this matter is appreciated.


A phone call cannot take the place of a face to face consultation, and is not in keeping with the standard of care that our doctors aim to provide to you. Thus in the great majority of cases it may be more appropriate to be assessed by the doctor in person.

  • It is not always possible for our doctors to speak with their patients due to time restraints. Emergency calls from patients will be assessed by the Nurse or the Doctor. Non-Urgent phone calls will be recorded and either the doctor or the nurse will respond to these calls as needed.


Health promotion and preventative care is an integral part of holistic medical care. In order for us to be able to provide our patients optimal care we have a reminder system in place.

  • We may send out a reminder from time to time offering you preventative health services appropriate to your care. If you do not wish to receive these reminders, please advise the doctor.


Our doctors encourage parents to ensure their children are fully immunised.

  • An appointment must be made with both the doctor and the nurse.
  • For safety reasons this practice administers childhood immunisations in the mornings only.
  • Immunisations cannot be given earlier than the AIR recommended schedule.
  • Parents are reminded to bring their "Baby Book" with them to each immunisation appointment to ensure records are kept up to date.
  • Reminders for childhood immunisations will be routinely sent out via mail.


Please make an appointment to discuss vaccination requirements a minimum of 6- 8 weeks prior to your intended travel. This practice stocks most travel vaccinations for purchase. * depending on availability and demand. OR If you would prefer the doctor can provide you with a private script to obtain these from pharmacy. * Yellow Fever Vaccines are not available on script

  • Bring your travel itinerary and record of any previous vaccinations you have previously had.
  • Administration of travel vaccines is usually at the following times 8.30am – 4.15pm Monday to Friday
  • An International Certificate of Vaccination Booklet will be completed and given to you as your personal record. Please ensure that you carry this when travelling.
  • Interpreter services are available if required. Please let us know if you require this service when you make an appointment and we will organise this for you.


  • As Australia is a genuinely multicultural society, and to tailor appropriate care, encourage understanding & appreciation between people from different nationalities & cultures. This practice will ask patients if they identify as a Aboriginal / Torres Straight Islander/ Both or someone from another culturally and or linguistic diverse background. This question is asked of ALL patients, regardless of appearance, country of birth, or whether they are personally known to this health service. Whatever you answer you will receive the same high standard of health care that best meets your needs. Personal Information you provide to this practice is protected by a strict Privacy Act.


  • Due to Medico Legal and Privacy Issues the doctors of this practice DO NOT accept or provide any communications to or from their patients via email. If you have any concerns regarding this please feel free to discuss this with your doctor at your next consultation.


  • Due to the sensitive nature of our medical equipment and for the comfort and safety of all patients in our practice we ask that our Mobile Phone Policy is followed.
  • Please ensure your mobile phone is turned OFF prior to entering our practice.
  • Your Co-operation is appreciated with this at all times.


  • Due to the increasing number of children in our practice with food allergies along with work health & safety reasons this practice asks that all patients refrain from eating and drinking whilst in our practice.
  • We appreciate your co-operation in helping to ensure the safety of the children in our practice.
  • Our reception staff will be more than happy to supply water on request.


  • NO SMOKING within or around our practice. ** Your Co-operation is appreciated with this at all times


Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things go wrong. If you have a problem please let us know. Please feel free to discuss this with our practice manager or doctor. You may prefer to write to us or use our "Feed Back Box" (located in waiting room) we take your concerns, suggestions and complaints seriously. Complaints will be fully investigated and appropriate action will be taken.

  • Should you be dissatisfied about the way the complaint has been handled by our practice you may wish to contact
  • Queensland Office of the Health Ombudsman. Ph: 133 646 email:


Our practice aims to provide the highest quality of care to all our patients without prejudice. However, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated towards any of our doctors or staff members. Persons doing so may be asked to seek alternative arrangements for any medical services which may be required by them.